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Optimized Listings: A Foundation for Persuasion

Your Amazon listings are your primary means of communicating value, excitement, and persuading consumers to make a purchase decision. They need to be persuasive, crisp, and look their best. We take a consistent, proven approach to present your products and incite purchase decisions. Key elements include well developed titles and bullet points, captivating images, and A+ content. And it doesn’t stop there - we ensure continuous improvement by tracking competitive behavior and constantly testing for potential gains. Amazon is a dynamic, constantly changing market and we want you to be on the leading edge of best practices and at the top of your category.

Because of the tight relationship between how we use search terms and advertise, our clients frequently receive Amazon’s Choice badges. It’s not unusual for an individual product we’re managing to receive numerous Amazon’s Choice badges and we’ve developed a strategy that helps us acquire these badges and retain them.

Advertising: A Catalyst for Growth

The consumer journey starts with discovery, moves on to awareness and education, and then arrives at a decision point - and we want your products to cross the finish line first. Advertising on Amazon is complex, and evolving consumer behavior combined with competition, creates a highly dynamic environment. New methods and features continue to be introduced, and best practices evolve rapidly. Our team has been trained and certified for Amazon advertising and we’re committed to continuous learning and applying our knowledge in new and innovative ways.

We rely on data to guide us in this intensely analytical area and our software is driven by artificial intelligence to manage bidding, placement, and search term discovery. Along the way you’ll stay informed regarding campaign performance, conversion rates, and the balance between organic sales vs. paid sales. The methods we use are flexible and designed to take advantage of fluctuations in consumer traffic to maximize exposure and… sales!

Brand Services

We pay close attention to all things Amazon and it’s hard to miss the increased services and data feeds available to trademarked brands. Our team knows how to use these tools, interpret the results, and then apply the knowledge we gain.

Manage Your Experiments is an essential service for category leaders. We use these tools extensively to objectively test listing titles, images, bullet points and more.

Brand Analytics takes the guesswork out of search terms that drive your product success, and provides valuable insights into your competitors. Using this essential information, we make adjustments to listings and advertising strategies.

Amazon Marketing Stream is a specialized data feed that we use to discover when your products are being purchased, how impressions fluctuate daily, Cost Per Click data and more. We use this information to to tailor your ad spend, maximize your results and minimize waste.

Our goal is to make sure your listings convert as well as they possibly can, all in the face of competition, evolving consumer behavior, and changes in the Amazon platform.

Competitive Analysis

In the course of working with our clients we get to know their competitors well - particularly their Amazon-centric competitors. We use a consistent research process to frame the landscape and we take into account sales volume, listing quality and content, pricing, reviews and much more. Our tools help us discover what drives algorithmic success in your category and we combine that knowledge with what we learn from studying competing offers. The combination helps us pick and choose our battles and find your best path to success.


Account Management

Amazon is constantly adding services, changing terms, adjusting their menu structure, and then there’s Seller Support… Our highly experienced team lives on Amazon and we stay current with these changes. We also know how to interact with Seller Support to route your cases efficiently and strive for efficient resolution. Let our team take on the day-to-day work of managing your Amazon presence. We’ll make your listings shine, build your business, and we’ll get you the best results you’ve ever had.

We have years and decades of experience in ecommerce and selling on Amazon. We’ve learned how to set priorities and make concrete progress. Whether it’s taking control from third party sellers, migrating away from Vendor Central, or simply looking for a partner that delivers results, we’re here to complement the work of your existing team - contact us today for a straightforward discussion of your situation.

Growth Monitoring

We simplify reporting to make sure you stay informed about the things that matter most. Sales, ad spend, and basic profitability ratios are just the starting point. Our analytical approach and affinity for data helps highlight key issues so that you can be sure we’re on track - without searching for obscure reports packed with dense entries. 


Priorities can vary by client and our goal is to identify the key indicators that keep us on track. We add a few of our own to ensure context, but when we work together, your goals are our goals. Let us provide the clarity you’ve been looking for so that you can focus on what you do best: making great products.

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