The Ball Squad

We’re brand managers for Amazon sellers, and our systematic, data-driven approach helps our partners thrive.

Our goal is to let you focus on your products while we grow your brand on Amazon and reach more customers. We’ll help formulate strategy, execute on plans, and we’ll become your most valuable thought partner in the world’s largest online marketplace.

Using our proven methods we will increase your
product visibility on Amazon by:

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Winning & Securing

Top 5

Placement across
multiple categories

Capturing & Keeping

60 +

Amazon choice badges
for your product

We provide a range of services to create a solid foundation for growth. From this foundation we apply our expertise and tools to drive performance to increasingly higher levels.
It's normal for us to deliver the best results our clients have ever had.

Listing Optimization

Listings are the foundation for persuading customers and influencing Amazon’s algorithms. We’ll get you off to a great start and work to keep you there.

Advertising & Promotion

Advertising is a catalyst for growth and we use our experience, training, and tools to sharpen your customer acquisition process efficiently and economically.

Brand Services

Increasingly, Amazon rewards trademarked brands with additional services and data. We stay current on these new services and when it comes to data, we’re in our element.

Competitive Analysis

We can provide insights into your competitor’s moves and strengths. This knowledge is power and we can help attack and defend your position on Amazon.

Account Management

Amazon is a complex platform that requires specialized knowledge and skill sets. We’ve acquired these things the hard way so your team doesn’t have to.

Growth Monitoring

Our clients want results and we expect to deliver. Our reporting keeps you informed and ensures clarity when it comes to your progress.

We believe that brand owners want to focus on what they do best:
 Creating terrific products that consumers really want to buy. 

The Ball Squad provides a full suite of services that:


Maximizes your
sales on Amazon


Communicates your
brand messages


Allows you to retain control
in a chaotic environment

Our team is sharp – we hire talented, analytical people with degrees and certifications in computer science, math, business, technology, project management, and advertising. Amazon is a challenging, constantly evolving environment. Category leaders know that a set-and-forget mentality won’t cut it. Together, we’ll leave no stone unturned in maximizing your sales and profits while telling your most authentic brand story.

Our experience in ecommerce and consumer behavior spans more than 20 years and we thrive on discovery, experimentation, and constantly searching for what works best for our clients. Whether it’s hitting home runs or a steady stream of singles, we’re always on the lookout for opportunities to make our clients shine.


It all starts with great products

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Formulate our plan Together we’ll set priorities, goals, outline the workflow, and create the meeting schedule – all to ensure delivery, communication, and accountability.
Listing optimization We apply a consistent approach to researching product categories, competitors, discovering the search terms that drive success, and creating persuasive content.
Advertising We create and manage adaptable campaigns that drive your listings to the top of search results and the center of consumer awareness, all while monitoring ROI, placement, and conversion.
Continuous improvement Success doesn’t sit still and we continue to test listing titles, images, content and more to drive steady gains in the face of competitive pressures and evolving consumer behavior.

Optimized listings create a foundation, advertising accelerates sales and growth,
testing ensures incremental gains and adaptation to category dynamics

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